Here are a few testimonials from our customers.





Thanks so much for all your help with the web site. The site host (Clikpic), asked me to be able to use it as one of their 'customer sites' to show potential users, and they have it as one they are using as part of their current national campaign!
(Catherine Skinner, Winchester)







As Isabel is a friend I anticipated on how the process of building my website would develop and what the result might be. Nothing turned out the way I had imagined, and the result was much better then I had in mind.
First step, with Isabel as a coach, was to write the message I wanted to share with the website visitors. It took me about 6 months. Mindfulness seems very simple but the complexity is huge. So there was too much information at first and I had to bring that back to its essence.
Another question was who do you want to reach and how. Private or in company? Man and woman of all ages might have interest so……….Or perhaps start writing about yourself…………
And the images, maybe you start to make a selection of pictures……………
And at the end of the process, the amount of pages, the information, the images, the colours, the style, interlinked with great result and sense of quality.
During the 6 months Isabel was always there, ready in the ‘back office’ to help out, to make the changes needed, information added, start all over again, more pages, less pages and all the time with friendliness, calmness en gentleness. Her technical skills and personal approach gave me the idea that it was all my idea J And yes I’m very proud of myself. But I couldn’t have done it without my friend!!!
(Margreeth van der Oord, Mindfulness Trainer, Middenmeer)




I am sincerely delighted to recommend Isabel’s web design services as she did an excellent professional job on my site demonstrating design creativity as well as practical functionality and business acumen. My web site was completed very quickly and efficiently and was up and running with no delays at all. She covered all angles of my business and really got to grips with some quite complex content and images in a specialist area (Abyssinian Cats) that she had no prior knowledge of. I was so pleased with her services that I have recommended Isabel unreservedly to friends and colleagues and placed further orders myself for two more web sites".   
(Dr B Stott, Essence Abyssinians, London)



"Clients who've looked at my website are really impressed by it, they say it looks great and doesn't flood them with information. I'm really pleased because it's a portfolio of my creative endeavours, people can see other projects I've done and know what to expect from me. A tour de force, Isabel - thank you!"  
(Victoria Ennion, Crowsfoot Gardens, Hampshire)


"I have no hesitation in recommending IsaWebdesign , Isabel was brilliant in helping me get my  website live.
She was very patient, as well highly professional and assisted with all those queries that come to light when you do your first website with no experience!!"
( Louise from Winchester)


"Isabel has the perfect combination of good design sense, business accumen and technical competance.  
Very few web designers could offer such a complete package.  
She is quick to understand the USP of your business and offer beautiful and practical solutions.  
I would not hesitate to recommend her services particularly for small businesses"
(Karen Borley, Mews Cottage, Winchester)